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Background Profiling & Screening

We undertake financial worth or trawling inquiries to support informed corporate decision-making in relation to potential transactions or litigation. We are often called to assist legal counsels to develop implement strategies for appropriate action to secure recovery or to seek settlement.

Brand Jacking & Counterfeiting

Handal Group has built a strong nationwide network of associates. This network constantly assists us with remote and rate information that has helped thousands of businesses in their informed decision making during hostile situations.

Confidential Investigations & Surveillance

Companies are often faced with allegations that employees are suspected of having external undisclosed business interests which invisibly could pose threats, losses, danger or conflict of Interest with the company.

Undercover Operations & Tracking

Our privileged and exclusive services have helped clients establish the factual relationship between vendors and internal staff. We have also assisted clients in appropriate civil action, negotiation, dismissal and our-of court settlement in complex and unsolved long overdue cases between employees and company.

Litigation Support & Asset Tracing

Due Diligence exercise has been proven to be cost effective and should be carried out at an early stage for better negotiation to mitigate risk. Handal Group expertise includes data collection, pretext approaches, corporate filings, undercover operation, discreet information gathering, site visits, approaching sources, competitors, customers and reliable internal staff.

Supply Chain Integrity & Managing Crisis

Handal Group assist clients mitigate risk affecting supply chain by establishing vendor positioning, reputation checks, past dealings verification, accountability, track records and issues related to ethics, kick backs, bribery etc for clients informed decision making when awarding contracts and dealership to avoid potential problems and industrial issues.

Data Protection & Risk Audit

Handal Group is able to remedy the above scenario by conducting discreet inquiries, planning and executing structured ground surveillance, covert undercover operation, kickbacks involvement, staff collusion with competitors, existence of conflict of interest and much more for client’s accurate decision making for business continuity.

Undercover Operation & Threat Management

Handal Group offers total integrated risk management consulting for business entities when dealing with business fraud thus protecting brands, employees, assets and corporate reputation.

Due Diligence & Crisis Management

Information is being transmitted much faster than ever before and the truth remains that all information are somewhere our there until an unauthorised party get his hand on it. Theft of electronic data and confidential information directly pose serious threat for businesses and its operators.

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