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Background Profiling & Screening

Case Scenario: Asset Trawling

Handal Group has extensively conducted nationwide identification and location of assets for clients discreetly. This includes all type of assets controlled by individuals or corporations directly or indirectly for execution, recovery or purposes known best to client.

We undertake financial worth or trawling inquiries to support informed corporate decision-making in relation to potential transactions or litigation. We are often called to assist legal counsels to develop implement strategies for appropriate action to secure recovery or to seek settlement.

Handal Group asset trawling exercise help in situations related to:

– Suspected fraud, corruption or to locate the proceeds of illegal activities for restitution

– Pre-litigation assessment of assets to determine assets worth for worthwhile litigation
– To support intended negotiations for recovery of assets

Handal Group has helped clients to successfully uncover assets such as financial accounts, securities accounts and offshore trust structures (by Law) apart from land holdings, properties, shareholdings, vehicles, plant and equipment, clubs etc.

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