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Data Protection & Risk Audit

Tracing of Assets & Individuals

– Tracing Missing Individuals for Litigation Purposes
– Tracing Assets for Recovery Purposes

Case Scenario: Corporate Investigations

Companies irrespective of size and influence periodically face cheating and internal fraud committed by staff, dealers, vendors and other parties with nefarious intentions. However due to their lack of resources and expertise, this situation cause losses and damages that might run into millions of dollars. Needless to say, their reputation and branding suffers hugely. Access to timely and accurate information to constantly mitigate risk surrounding the very survival of their business has thus become a paramount necessity.


Handal Group is able to remedy the above scenario by conducting discreet inquiries, planning and executing structured ground surveillance, covert undercover operation, kickbacks involvement, staff collusion with competitors, existence of conflict of interest and much more for client’s accurate decision making for business continuity.

Corporate Embezzlement

– Checking of Partners & Shareholders Integrity
– Business Siphoning & Moonlighting activities
– Unethical Practices by Key Employees
– Theft of Inventory
– Unauthorised Electronic Funds Transfer

Contract & Procurement Fraud

– Employee Corruption
– Suspicious Activities among Employees
– Conflict of Interest

"Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons."

~ Michael Jackson