Our Services

Due Diligence & Crisis Management

Corporate Security

– Physical Security Survey
– ICT Security Services
– Executive Protection Services
– Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
– Emergency & Sudden Evacuation
– Security Awareness Training
– Complex White Collar Crime

Case Scenario: Electronic Sweeps

Almost all company information and data are stored electronically as the current business scenario requires all major communications to be computer generated. Information is being transmitted much faster than ever before and the truth remains that all information are somewhere out there until an unauthorised party get his hand on it. Theft of electronic data and confidential information directly pose serious threat for businesses and its operators. At times, information leaked our even before official announcements by the stakeholders. Exclusive and privileged data are often exploited, fabricated or misused for personal gain.

Risk Consulting Initiative

– Regulatory Compliance Checks
– Occupational Safety & Health Advisory
– Third Party Auditor Services
– Security Risk Audits
– IT Security Audits
– Contingency Planning
– Executive Protection Programs
– Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Electronic Sweeps)
– Threat Assessments
– Effective Security in Place

Misappropriation of company funds

– False expense reporting
– Phantom vendors
– Procurement fraud
– Payroll fraud
– Kickbacks and secret commissions
– Distributor fraud

"Truth is like a sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away."

~ Elvis Presley