Our Services

Litigation Support & Asset Tracking

Competitor Analysis

– Assessment of Competitors
– Ascertain Market Penetration & Distribution Network
– Uncovering Unethical Practices
– Employess’Collusion with Competitors

Case Scenario: Due Diligence

In the current hostile business environment, knowing your partners and associates is vital to secure your return on investments. Handal Group has helped a large number of clients with structured due diligence exercise for their evaluation process before decisions are made for collaboration. We focus on the main operators, key involvement, facts beyond documents, background checks, reputation, litigation history, undisclosed business acumen, criminal involvement, indebtedness, regulatory issues, political connections and exposure.

Due Diligence exercise has been proven to be cost effective and should be carried out at an early stage for better negotiation to mitigate risk. Handal Group expertise includes data collection, pretext approaches, corporate filings, undercover operation, discreet information gathering, site visits, approaching sources, competitors, customers and reliable internal staff.

Litigation Support for Legal Proceedings

– Theft of inventory
– Theft of Equipments
– False Invoicing
– Kickbacks & Payroll Fraud

Supply Chain Integrity

– Distributor Fraud Investigations
– Procurement Fraud Investigations
– Supply Chain ethics Checks

"No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar."

~ Abraham Lincoln