Our Services

Supply Chain Integrity & Managing Crisis

Work Place Issues

– Theft of Outgoing & Incoming Funds
– Conflict of interest Investigation
– Cybercrime Detection
– Data Forensic & Electronic Evidence
– Collusion between Employees & Third Party
– Inventory Loss Detection
– Investigation intro Product Losses
– Sexual Harassment Issues
– Employees Corruption
– Employee Exit Risk Management

Case Scenario: Internal Fraud
Organization must send a strong signal with regards to integrity and ethical standards when dealing with internal staff and external vendors. Pre-qualification to select the right suppliers, distributors and vendors is increasingly becoming an important factor for organizations towards protecting their business from internal and external threat as they are losing millions of dollars due to failures in supply chain integrity. Handal Group conducts various checks on vendors, suppliers and distributors including suspected international staff assigned to deal with outsiders.
Handal Group assist clients mitigate risk affecting supply chain by establishing vendor positioning, reputation checks, past dealings verification, accountability, track records and issues related to ethics, kick backs, bribery etc for clients informed decision making when awarding contracts and dealership to avoid potential problems and industrial issues.
Pre & Post Employment Screening

– Authenticity of Personal Information
– Verification of Educational Credentials
– Past Employment & the Real Reason for Resignation
– Character Assessment & Referee Check
– Credit worthiness
– Criminal & Litigation Involvement
– Adverse Media Verification & Reputation Risk
– Bankruptcy Verification – Driving Validation

Confidential Ground Surveillance

– Trailing of Individuals to Establish movements and activities
– Static Observation on Movements of Goods and Personnel from Designated Locations
– Documentation of Observation Conducted on Individuals & Locations
– Structured Reporting of Real Happenings for Purposes Known Best to Client

"The truth is found when men are free to pursue it."

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt