Our Services

Undercover Option & Threat Management

Supply Chain Integrity

– Contractors & Bidders Verifications
– Vendor Profiling
– Conflict of Interest
– Investigation of Unauthorised Special Privileges & Kickbacks
– False Claims

Case Scenario: Risk Management and Corporate Security Management

Internal and external threat poses a clear danger for business continuity. Companies face greater challenges when dealing with vandalism, work place harassment, cuber crime, theft and arson at work place. Handal Group offers total integrated risk management consulting for business entities when dealing with business fraud thus protecting brands, employees, assets and corporate reputation.

Handal Group has helped many companies in setting up their very own internal Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) department as part of their preparedness to safeguard their business from internal and external threat in the areas such as Threat Assessment, Physical Security Surveys, Risk Audits, Executive Protection Services, Electronic Sweeps, Contingency Planning, Security and Risk Awareness Courses as these areas are vital for organizational defence.

Summons & Process Serving

– Identifying the Whereabouts of Individual
– Serving Processes and Summons to Identified Individual

Insurance Misrepresentation & False Claims

– Employee Collation with External Parties
– Unauthorised Claims
– Suspicious Fictitious Claims
– Inadequate / Inappropriate Omissions of Disclosure
– Reclassifying / Overvaluing Assets

Investment Fraud Investigations

– Investigative Due Diligence
– Business Intelligence
– Post Investment Monitoring

"Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

~ Sherlock Holmes