Our Services

Undercover Operations & Tracking

Background Profiling Division

a) Knowing the person you’re dealing with
b) Conflict of Interest
c) Financial Related checks
d) Network & Links Identification
e) Undisclosed Business Interest

Case Scenario: Internal Fraud

Companies today are more concerned about internal threat compared to external competition. A clear danger lies the integrity of the supply chain of a company. Employees’ dealings with preferred vendors for favour, bribes and personal gain have increased till it poses great danger and losses for companies.

Handal Group has helped clients through enterprise risk management exercise. Our privileged and exclusive services have helped clients establish the factual relationship between vendors and internal staff. We have also assisted clients in appropriate civil action, negotiation, dismissal and our-of court settlement in complex and unsolved long overdue cases between employees and company.

Fraud Detection Division

– Abuse of Power & Privileges – Manipulation of Operational Weaknesses – Hacking & Digital pilferages – Fraudulent Expenses Claims – Diversion of Businesses to Related Companies
Intellectual Property Violation & Brand Jacking (IP)

– Malicious Product Tampering
– Grey Market & Parallel Trading issues
– Counterfeiting of Patents & Trade Marks
– Investigation into IP losses
– Licensing Dispute Investigations
– Confidential Market Surveys
– Royalty Compliance Services

Summons & Process Serving

– Identifying the whereabouts of Individual
– Serving Processes and Summons to identified Individual

Insurance Misrepresentation & False Claims

– Employee Collation with External Parties
– Unauthorised Claims
– Suspicious Fictitious Claims
– Inadequate / Inappropriate Omissions of Disclosure
– Reclassifying / Overvaluing Assets

Investment Fraud Investigations

– Investigative Due Diligence
– Business Intelligence
– Post Investment Monitoring

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